Vilnius: a rising star in Europe

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is fast and open, green and clean, creative and innovative city bursting with ambition. It is refreshing to see how centuries of history intertwine with cutting-edge innovations here, all surrounded by an abundance of green spaces. It’s no wonder the city is repeatedly ranked among the best mid-size cities in Europe for investment and the tourism market is flourishing.

One of the fastest growing innovators

Being one of the fastest growing innovators in Europe (according to the 2016 European Commission Report on Innovation), Vilnius is proud of its record scientific achievements in the ICT, laser, and biotechnology sectors. Moreover, the city has a favourable legal and tax environment that is highly regarded among fast-growing companies, and it’s quick and easy to start a business here.

Easily accessible and well serviced

As a capital, Vilnius is centrally located and easily accessible – it is never more than three hours away from any European destination by air, and the airport is less than 15 minutes away from the city centre. The railway and bus stations are centrally located, and the main city spots and hotels are easily accessible via fast and efficient public transport or taxi.

Vilnius is a compact, pedestrian friendly city where major hotels, cosy restaurants and major city sights are all within easy reach. Despite its relatively small size, Vilnius offers a wide range of accommodation options, including well-known international hotel brands, unique boutique hotels and family-run guesthouses. Vilnius provides all types of business solutions, such as legal services, PR, recruiting and more. Furthermore, all of the Lithuanian Government offices and entities, like Invest Lithuania, are in Vilnius, allowing businesses to work closely with them.

Green space and plenty of outdoor activities

What’s more, nearly half of Vilnius is made up of green space. With several urban parks, forests, lakes and two rivers, there are countless options when it comes to staying active. From hiking, cycling, tennis, kayaking, golfing, wakeboarding and beach volleyball in the summer, to ice skating, sledding and even skiing and snowboarding in the winter, the greatest challenge in Vilnius is often just deciding what to do. For those with a more relaxed view of what constitutes activity, we’re big on spas and saunas, too. Options abound in and around the city.

Diverse talent pool

Vilnius boasts a diverse talent pool and the city’s affordable office spaces are continuously attracting the attention of major companies from all over the world, with the likes of Thermo Fisher Scientific,, Western Union, and Nasdaq deciding to move their centres to Vilnius. The Lithuanian capital is also home to a growing local startup community, with numerous companies, like Vinted, Deeper and TransferGo, having already experienced international success. Finally, there are the hubs like Vilnius Tech Park (the biggest tech startup hub in the Baltics) that offer all-inclusive access to a range of business services.

One of Europe’s oldest Medieval Old Towns

Vilnius has one of Europe’s oldest Medieval Old Towns. There are buildings here that date back to the 15th century and the entire Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Now, what’s so great about old buildings? Well, apart from the uniquely immersive experience of history they convey, ours are fun to hang out in. Vilnius Old Town is alive with contemporary culture and that great authentic Vibe. It’s not just something we leave to tourists. You can find us living, working and enjoying it ourselves every day.

Take in a concert or catch a street performance, browse one of our charming boutiques or urban fairs, or just have a glass of Lithuanian craft beer while enjoying that marvellous mix of European architecture that makes Vilnius Old Town so special – including one of the highest concentrations of Baroque architecture this side of the Alps!

Vibrant social and cultural life

The city’s culinary and café scenes are on point; with around 60% of the country’s highest rated restaurants located in Vilnius, there’s just too many to name. Vilnius’ nightlife and choice of events make bigger cities blush – there’s always something going on here. People are nice, and the atmosphere is welcoming.

All of the above mentioned features and many more (like the fact that Vilnius is one of the few European capitals that allows hot air balloons to fly above the city) give us the same feeling of satisfaction that has put Vilnius at the top of the list of Europe’s happiest capitals (Quality of Life in European Cities 2015).