05 Oct 2018

Santaros Klinikos were among the most active participants during the Life Sciences Baltics poster sessions

During the poster session of Life Sciences Baltics, the largest international life sciences forum in the Baltic countries, almost third of the posters were presented by specialists of  Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinikos. In total, 70 scientific ideas and projects were presented to the public.

“Santaros Klinikos is not only a strong, leading medical center providing multidisciplinary high level healthcare but also a center of Biomedical science and education, developing and implementing biomedical and information technologies. The synergy between science, innovation and medical practice is one of our key strategic goals. We do our best to create conditions for developing science, clinical trials and we can be proud of our achievements. In the world, more and more attention is focused on personalized medicine and scientific initiatives in this field. Thus Life Sciences Baltics was a great opportunity for our specialists to get acquainted with foreign experience and present their own“, – says professor Danguolė Jankauskienė, Director of Medicine and Nursing at Santaros Klinikos.

On 26-27 September the Forum revealed the potential of Lithuania in life sciences sector, innovations and presented opportunities for new developments, scientific and business cooperation with international community.

“We are very happy that our colleagues from Santaros Klinikos were so active. We presented scientific research of 12 centers covering a wide range of areas, including pancreatic cancer, pancreatitis, patient’s chemo-dyscalcemia, pulmonary pathology, systemic sclerosis, childhood anemia of diabetes, and others. We are proud that the posters of our institution accounted for almost third of all posters at Life Sciences Baltics. The booth at the exhibition area has gained a lot of interest as well. In addition, delegations from such countries as Israel, the United Kingdom visited the hospital. We are sure that these meetings will turn into effective collaborations”, – says Lidija Kraujalienė, specialist at Innovations and technology transfer division of Santaros Klinikos.

“The link between science, business and practice is the only way to keep pace with innovations as well as to ensure progress and most effective help. Santaros Klinikos is the first healthcare institution that conducts pre-commercial procurements that promote innovation and application to the public sector, serve public interest and help new products and services to enter the market. Our organization is actively contributing to the cooperation between science and business. The gap between science and business is still evident in Lithuania and the benefits and perspectives are enormous. For example, we have already agreed that Remis Bistras, the expert in life sciences, will visit Santaros Klinikos in October where he will meet with young doctors, researchers and others who are interested in cooperation between medicine and business and building business in medicine”, – says Lina Žiaukienė, the Head of Innovations and technology transfer division of Santaros Klinikos.

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